Suprevision and Examination

Undergraduate summer research projects

2011 Iian B. Smythe (NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award)
  • Decompositions of the automorphism group of a locally compact abelian group, preprint, 11 pages. arXiv: 1110.1923.
2011 Todd Sierens
2010 Joshua Hernandez
2009 Athena P. Nguyen (Faculty of Science Summer Research Award)
2008 Athena P. Nguyen (Faculty of Science Summer Research Award)
  • Which infinite abelian groups admit an almost maximally almost-periodic group topology? Topology and its Applications 156 (2009), no. 16, 2642­-2650.
  • Talk at the Conference on Ramsey Theory and Topological Algebra in hon our of Neil Hindman, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA.
  • Poster presentation at the "Rising Stars of Research 2008" National Undergraduate Science Poster Competition, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Poster presentation at the NSERC Undergraduate Poster Competition, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

External Ph.D. thesis examiner for

2011 K. Kannan (Sastra University, Thanjavur, India)